Our first game, Stonehearth, is a town-building simulation game set in a classic 16-bit inspired world.  Harvest, build, and defend your town against invaders.


Your hearty band of hearthlings will carve their place in the wilderness. There are no limits to what you can build: what your settlers can imagine, they can create.


As your village grows, your hearthlings will grow along with it. Watch with pride as their skills and capabilities expand to carpenters, farmers, masons, blacksmiths, and beyond.


The wilderness teems with unfriendly characters. Make sure you're ready for the challenge.

Rising Thunder is our free to play fighting game designed for fast-paced online player versus player competition.

Our Team

Our founders, Tom and Tony Cannon, are twin brothers. Along with the same DNA, they share a lifelong passion for software, technology, and gaming.

Tom Cannon

President & CEO

Tom studied Computer Science at Stanford University, going on to work at VMware, Microsoft, and streaming video startup VXtreme.

In 2002 Tom founded the Evolution Championship Series, one of the largest eSports events in the world.

Tom is older than Tony by 2 minutes.

Tony Cannon


Tony graduated from Stanford University in 1995 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Before Radiant, Tony spent 11 years leading technical teams at VMware, Microsoft, and VXtreme.

On the side, Tony pioneered latency-hiding techniques for peer-to-peer online games. His technology, licensed under the name "GGPO," is used in many of today's fighting games.


About Radiant


Radiant Entertainment is a games start-up founded in 2013 and based in Los Altos, CA.

Our video games emphasize the creation of strong player communities.  We believe that games are at their best when they're shared with friends.